Support the Planetarium!

Support for the planetarium comes from you, our visitors!  We are one of the few planetariums in the country that offers free shows to the public.  Each year we educate thousands of attendees from all over the bay area and as far away as Italy and Taiwan. 

For many of the school-age children that visit us each year, it may be their only hands-on science experience.  In light of this, it is important to our mission that this planetarium and observatory be economically accessable to all. 

A planetarium is costly to operate and so we are extremely grateful for any donation that we may receive, no matter how small.  Corporate sponsorship of equipment and donations is also welcome. 

For more information on how you can help, visit our stewardship page or contact:

James Gibson, curator
(415) 338-6164
jgibson at




Friends of the Planetarium