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Allen, Chad,		BS Physics
Ardestani, Nima,	BS Phys, Assistant Restaurant Manager, Kafanimo, Inc.
Bischel, Drew,		BS Phys, MS program at SFSU
Christian, Trent	BA Astr
Fang, Yujun,		BS Phys
Gonzalez, Bryan		BS Phys
Gossage, Seth		BS Astr, PhD program in Astronomy and Astrophysics at Harvard
Jo, Jordan, 		BS Astr	has his own business in San Francisco
Kelly, Trevor,		BS Phys
Leung, Wu Li,		BS Phys
Martin, Colton,		BS Phys
Norman, Eric,		BA Phys
Rajeh, Mohammed,	BA Phys
Visher, Darius,		BS Phys, MS program at SFSU

Cada, Abraham		Minor, Phys
Fairwell, Kelly,  	Minor,Astr
Saqr, Jeremy,		Minor, Phys
Skinner, Andrew,	Minor, Astr



Adams, Arthur, 		MS Physics, PH.D program in Astronomy at Yale University
Alexander, Sean, 	MS Physics, physics tutor, teaching a physics class at Stanford for gifted and talented youth
Ames, Zoe, 		MS Astronomy,
Berti, Angela		MS Astronomy, Ph.D program at UC San Diego
Brown, Christopher	MS Physics, Ph.D program Arizona State Univ.
Dhakal, Binod		MS Phyics, lecturer, SFSU
Dunn, Glenna, 		MS Physics, Ph.D program in Astronomy Vanderbilt Univ
Juarez-Madera, Diana, 	MS Phys, Ph.D program in aeronautics/astronautics, Stanford Univ.
Huang, Silu,		MS Physics
Hadley, Zeke, 		MS Physics
Hashemizad, Reza,	MS Physics
Sandler, Robert,	MS Physics
Sidhu, Jasdeep		MS Physics, Ph.D program U. Florida
Twitty, Colleen, 	MS Physics, software engineer, RFSpot Inc.
Weisberger, David,	MS Physics