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Ausiello, Harmony, BS Physics, Teaching Physics at School for Independent Learners, Los Altos 
Cleto, Nicole, BA Astr		credential student at SFSU
Contreras, Angelica, BS Phys
Ferguson, Ezekiel, BA Astr
Gushue, Timothy, BS Phys	Software Engineer, Twitter
Hansen, Christian, BS Phys	MS program SFSU
Kann, Shawn, BS Phys, 		Laser Tech, Spectra-Physics
Lauber, Stephanie, BS Phys	MS program SDSU
Leung, Brian, BS Phys, 		Management Associate at HSBC, Hong Kong
Li, Jinny, BA Astr
Mathis, Cole, BS Phys, 		Ph.D program Arizona State University
Nguyen, Howard, BS Physics
Pieterse, Kyle, BS Phys		Research and Development Lab Technician at Cytec Industries Inc. - Aerospace Materials Anaheim, California
Shreve, Kathleen, BS Phys, 	Teaching Certificate program at USF. Physics Teacher at Philip and Sala Burton Academic High School.

Tran, Robinson, BS Phys
Womble-Dahl, Taylor, BS Phys, 	MS program SDSU,Physics with a concentration in Electro-Optics. Summer intern at General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, 2014

Choi, Kay , Minor,Astr



Dunn, Patrick, working at Space Sciences Lab, UC Berkeley
Hayward-Harris, Suzanne, MS, Physics Instructor, Midlands Technical College
Lim, Darrell, MS, Teaching at Community College
Romine, Gregory MS, Ph.D program in Astronomy, Penn State
Moore, Casey, MS, Ph.D Program, York University, Toronto
Pehrson, Stephen, Student Teacher Sacramento State
Shayegan, Ali, MS, Ph.D Program, UC, Davis
Shermer, Scott, MS, Ph.D program U. Connecticut
Williams, Riley,  Ph.D program in aeronautics/astronautics U. Washington