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Bahman, Bianca, BS Astrophysics	Business Development Director at The Bay Club Company 
Cala, Phillip, BS Physics.  	MS program SFSU
Cannan, Drake, BS Physics. 	Continuing research with Dr. Chen
Farrell, Kelly, BA Physics
Gasiewski, Bart, BS Physics, 	Thermal and Power Validation Engineer at Intel Corporation 
He, YingQuan, BA Physics. 	MS program SFSU
Huo, Zhi Heng, BA Physics
Johnson, Zachary, BS Physics. 	SDSU, Radiological Health Physics Masters program
Liner, Devin, BS Astrophysics.  	MS program SFSU
Lopez-Thibodeaux, Mayra, BS Astrophysics, 	working at LBNL
Ly, Yann, BS Physics
Parkinson, Michael Quinn, BS Astrophysics.  	MS program SFSU
Roberts, Joshua, BA Astronomy	Planetarium presenter at California Academy of Sciences
Rodriguez, Victor, BS Physics.  	MS program SFSU
Rozo, Sebastian, BS Physics
Sanchez, Matt, BS Physics, 	MS Chemistry, SFSU,2013, Part D Analyst at Cadre360. 
Tsai, Jesse Kay, BA Physics	Teaching high school
Weston, Sasha, Minor, Physics 	Research Engineer at Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies (SGT)



Davy, Claire, MS, 	Data Analyst/Project Manager for Bing at Microsoft in Seattle.
Ponce, Francisco, MS, 	Ph.D program in Physics, UC Davis