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Bailey, Zack		BA Astro	   
Cannon, Robert		BA Phys		Graduate Student at University of Southern California   
Chang, Weihan 		BS Astr,	 MS program, SFSU  
Dunn, Anthony		BA Astro	 Teaching credential in Science, SFSU, 2011 	 
Hoch, Zach 		BS Astro	   
Hwu, Jennifer 		BA Phys	  	Account Executive at ConnectAndSell, Inc 
Mann, Christopher	BA Phys		Engineer at Sputnik, Inc; Senior DevOps Engineer at GoGrid 
Marcaida, Mary Rose	BS Astr	 	United Airlines   
Matsuyama, Kazue 	BS Phys,	PhD program, Stonybrook  
Pehrson, Steve 		BS Astro,	MS program at SFSU   
Reiss, Abigail    		   
Rezai,Yasamin Cheroudeh	BA Astro	   
Yoshihara, Masami	BS Phys		MS program at SFSU   


Bolloten, Greg, 	Ph.D program at UC Berkeley 
Brewer, John, 		Ph.D program in Astronomy at Yale University
Burt, Shiree MS, 	Device Engineer II at Lattice Semiconductor	 
DeMarinis, Franco MS, 	teaching physics at Oakland Technical Senior High School
Huang, Simon MS,	System Engineer at Pall Life Sciences
Joshi, Rajasi       	Systems Engineer at Crescendo Bioscience
Krok, Michelle MS,	Teaching position at the University of Alaska, Fall 2013 PhD program in Educational Research, U. Alabama   
Litwin, Kim	MS,  	Ph.D program in Geosciences, U. Pennsylvania
Mir-Sepasi, Ali MS	   
Mitchell, Xiuyan MS, 	math tutor, Livermore area
Roshan, Shine MS, 	PhD program, Montana State University
Ryan, Mick MS   	Teaching math and Physics Covenant of the Sacred Heart High School, San Francisco
Skiadopoulos, Dmitrios, MS
Speckman, Sarah MS  	Thin Film/Product Design Engineer at Photop Technologies
Yadak, Polin MS, 	teaching at ITT technical institute, College of information technology in Oakland