Department of Physics & Astronomy

Fall 2014 Colloquia

Colloquia generally start at 4:05 PM with refreshments being served at 3:50.
Past Colloquia: F08 S09 F09 S10 F10 S11 F11 S12 F12 S13 F13 S14
9/8 SFSU Faculty mini-talks
9/15 SFSU Faculty mini-talks
09/22 Jin Zhang, UC Santa Cruz
Topics in Experimental Physics
09/29 Claire Poppett, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
Topics in Astrophysics
10/06 Steve Howell, NASA Ames Research Center
Topics in Exoplanetary Science
10/13 Jonathan Pelz, Ohio State University
Topics in experimental materials physics.
10/20 Suvrath Mahadevan, Penn State University
Topics in astronomy instrumentation
10/27 Christopher White, Illinois Institute of Technology
Recent Results and Future Prospects for Neutrino Physics.
11/03 Adrian Brown, SETI Institute
The recent discovery of the mineral talc on Mars and what it means for a second genesis on our neighbouring planet
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