Department of Physics & Astronomy

Fall 2008 Colloquia


Xiaosheng Wang

Xiaosheng Wang and

Peng Zhang

San Francisco State University
Photonic Lattice: From Fundamental Research to Applications
October 27, 2008, 4PM, Thornton 411

Photonic lattice, just as its name implies, is a lattice for photons. Similar to electrons traveling in a periodic electric field created by an atomic lattice, the dynamics of photons traveling in a material with periodic refractive index gives birth to affluent phenomena connected to fundamental physics and applications of controlling a light beam. This talk contains three parts. In the first part, we provide a brief introduction of current research on photonic lattices and then focus on the work we have done at San Francisco State University. In the second part, we introduce the research related to fundamental physics such as bang gap solitons, surface solitons, and defect states in photonic lattices. In the last part, we introduce the application potential of our research such as defect guidance and defect-induced waveguides, surface trapping and routing, and optical splitting and switching.
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