Department of Physics & Astronomy

Physics Readiness Exam


As of December 11, 2015, the Physics Readiness Exam has been discontinued.

If you have already registered for the Physics Readiness Exam but have not yet taken it, you will receive a full refund. The Testing Center is currently working with the Bursar’s Office to process those refunds as efficiently as possible. The Testing Center will contact you with details as soon as they can. Please do not contact the Testing Center until they have had a chance to get this process underway.

For PHYS 220, all students who have achieved a C or better in MATH 226 (or an approved equivalent) are now fully qualified to enroll.

For PHYS 111, all students who have achieved a C- or better in MATH 199 (or an approved equivalent) are now fully qualified to enroll. Students who have NOT satisfied the MATH 199 prerequisite may still qualify for PHYS 111 by completing the online mini-course Math Prep for College Physics. For Spring 2016, choose "Physics 111 Spring 2016", course code T9QYW-XWQM4.

Students who have already scored 25 or higher on the Physics Readiness Exam (and who took the exam on or after January 27, 2015) are AUTOMATICALLY qualified to enroll in PHYS 111 in Spring 2016. These students do NOT need to take the online mini-course, and they do NOT need to satisfy the MATH 199 prerequisite.

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