Professor of Physics
 San Francisco State University
 San Francisco, CA 94132 USA
  •   Office:           Thornton 304
  •   e-mail:            greensit (at)
  •   Telephone:     415 338-1600
  •   Fax:                415 338-2178



      Theoretical High Energy Physics.   Lattice gauge theory,  quantum gravity,  and string theory.
    My work is currently focused on the quark confinement problem.


        For a complete list of publications, courtesy of the SLAC-SPIRES web site, click  here. Most
    articles written in the last fifteen years can be also be downloaded from this site, in PDF
    format, by clicking on the PDF link underneath each listing.


        I am looking for a few good men and women to participate in my research effort in lattice gauge theory.   If you are an SFSU Master's degree student with

    • a strong interest in theoretical physics
    • some knowledge of computer programming
    • Physics 430/431 or equivalent
    then you might be interested in getting involved.  If so,  drop by and lets talk.


         These are a fairly detailed set of my lecture notes,  391 pages long,  which serves as the textbook for the 430/431 course on Undergraduate Quantum Mechanics at SFSU.  You are welcome to download these notes,  to be used for non-profit purposes only, as either  a

         SF State people please note:   This is a rather long file.  Please do not print it on the laserprinter in Thornton 123.   Students in Phys 430 and 431 should obtain a copy from the Physics and Astronomy Club, for a (hopefully) small fee, during the first or second week of class.


    Office Hours:  M 2-3, W 12-1  

    For course details, click on the link below.     

                      Physics 430            Quantum Mechanics I:     Tu Th  3:35-4:50  in TH 425


    [Dannebrog]SUMMER ADDRESS

        During the summer I am usually working at the Niels Bohr Institute  in  Copenhagen, Denmark.
    E-mail sent to my SFSU address  will be automatically forwarded to me.